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Cadpat Bulle MOLLE Blank Firing Grenade Pouch

The Bulle MOLLE blank firing grenade pouch is designed to fit exercise and blank firing grenades up to 50mm diameter. The pouch is made from genuine milspec Cadpat Cordura with internal PU coating. The pouch comes with a velcro flap to go over the grenade which is adjustable for height with velcro. This flap can also be removed completely if quicker access to contents is required. The body of the pouch is 11cm long to allow for a variety of lengths of grenade to fit inside. The interior of the pouch is also fitted with a length of 25mm wide webbing left and right. These loops retain the release handle on the grenade which hangs the grenade in a ready position and prevents rotation of the grenade inside the pouch. The pouch has one rivetted eyelet on the bottom for drainage. It is mounted on the MOLLE base with a single mounting strap which terminates in a press button. Price is for ONE pouch. Any accessories shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the pouch. Cadpat Bulle MOLLE is a limited production run.
-Holds a wide range of Blank Firing Grenades or frag/smoke grenades.
-Snug fitting to stop contents rattling around or falling out.
Adjustable height for different grenade types.
Velcro flap for quick and secure closing.
-Single 25mm MOLLE straps on rear for attaching to vests and panels.
-Made from Cadpat Cordura.
-Limited Edition.

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large image no1

Side view of pouch, showing the rear MOLLE strapping, pouch depth and also the bartack on the side which secures an internal strap for carrying the grenade handle.

large image no2

Rear view of the pouch showing the strapping and also the rear of the pouch lid. This is adjustable for height.

large image no3

Front view of pouch with the lid partially retracted. The velcro patch which is used to close the pouch is clearly shown as is the Cadpat body.

large image no4
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