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Cadpat Bulle MOLLE Foldable Dump Pouch

Otherwise known as a 'roly-poly' when stowed, the Bulle space saving dump pouch is a MOLLE mountable, deep pouch which is double secured with a velcro flap and draw cord/toggle. The pouch is designed to be mountable on a MOLLE modular body armour vest, chest harness or leg carrier plate even when stowed. The depth of the carrying space within this pouch enables it to be used as an emergency magazine dump pouch for up to seven M4/M16 magazines, or utility pouch for field consumables such as MRE components. Bottom of unfolded pouch has a rivetted hole for drainage. Made of genuine milspec Cadpat Cordura with internal PU coating. Price is for ONE pouch. Any accessories shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the pouch. Cadpat Bulle MOLLE is a limited production run.
-Holds a variety of items and empty magazines.
-Velcro flap for quick and secure closing.
-Pull tabs on main flaps allow for quick opening.
-Folds out into a large dump pouch or folds into a smaller stowed pouch.
-2x 25mm MOLLE straps on rear allow fitting to vests and panels.
-Made from Cadpat Cordura.
-Limited Edition.

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large image no1

View of the rear of the pouch with MOLLE strapping. The pouch is in its folded position. Also shown are the plastic toggle adjusters for adjusting the size of the opening of the pouch.

large image no2

View of the pouch fully opened from its closed position. The size of the pouch will allow it to accommodate objects the size of a US quart waterbottle, so the pouch makes an excellent utility or dump bag as well as an emergency fold out bag. The flap which is used to retain it in a folded position can be used to close the top of the pouch partially, with the adjustable elastic gathering the sides in.

large image no3

Top down view of the pouch showing the depth of the pouch when fully open.

large image no4

large image no5
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