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British DPM EOD or Medical Drop Leg Pouch

Multipurpose tactical drop leg pouch in British DPM. Based on a highly stable diamond netting, this pouch has multiple pockets designed to keep loose items such as pliers, field dressing packets, scissors, electrical wire and connectors, medication packets secure and separate during transport. The drop leg pouch has two pistol magazine shaped pockets on either side of the main compartment which are closed with highly adjustable fastex buckles, and can be closed with velcro as an option. The rear of the main compartment has two velcro opening pockets which can be used to hold thin folded manuals or maps. The main compartment zips open over three quarters of size, to create a fold-open instant tool packet. Within the main compartment, there is a variety of tool or package retention features, including elasticated retention bands for long, thin materiel; zip pocket with net fronting for packaged materiel; flat pockets for thin materiel. Pouch is made of tough, texturised cordura which is military specification and IRR coated. Dimensions of main pouch 23cm x 13cm x 6cm.
-Large carry capacity for medical supplies or electronic tools.
-Molle loops on the front and sides allow for expansion using smaller pouches.
-Side pockets allow for special tools and items that may be needed quickly.
-Adjustable straps for adjusting to different leg and belt sizes.
-Quick release clips on straps allow for quick removal or application of pouch.
-Made from Cordura.

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large image no1

View of rear of pouch.

large image no2

View of pouch, open. The multiple pockets can be seen, and the cord to regulate the angle to which the pouch will open is also visible.

large image no3
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