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Flecktarn KSK Trousers

Genuine German army flecktarn trousers for special combat operatives, such as the German KSK. These top quality trousers are made by one of the major defence contractors for camouflage uniforms to the German military to exacting standards and have many improvements, developed with the help of special forces units, to enhance comfort in the field. Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester moleskin weave base with excellent rip prevention and stretch capabilities. Knees and seat reinforced with a layer of 1000Denier military cordura as used in webbing gear. All materials are infrared resistant. Main Features: Two hip pockets; one button down rear pocket; and two large bulgy pockets, one on each leg. Each large bulgy pocket is buttoned down with two slotted buttons, and has a rivetted drain hole at the bottom to dispose of fine sand or water quickly on the move. The interior of the right bulgy pocket also has an extra thin pocket for holding a penknife, torch or similar tool separately from the rest of the contents of the pocket. Tough plastic d-rings are provided on the belt loop left and right for attachment of carabiners or small utilities. The knees open to allow insertion of padding (provided) for comfort. Ankle hem is provided with a drawstring, but also a secondary baffle on an elastic which helps to keep out insects and foreign matter. Fit and Wearability: Trousers are cut slightly wider and deeper than the standard German army combat trousers. Belt loops provided are 50mm in width to allow the wearing of a duty belt. Ventilation holes are provided in the crutch. Trousers close with button waist and zip fly. Adjustable compression straps around both thighs are integrated into the design and can be used to hold excess trouser fabric into the leg to minimise noise during movement. Sizes are S (31in, 80cm), M (33in, 85cm), M (35in, 90cm), L (37in, 95cm), L (39in, 100cm), XL (41in, 105cm).

Available options are: S-31 , M-33 , M-35 , L-37 , L-39 , XL-41 , M , L , XL .

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Full frontal view of trousers. The cordura knees are clearly visible here, as are the extra length lower leg baffles for securing the bottom of the trousers to the boot and eliminating insect or draught ingress.

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What our customers say about this product:

I bought these pants for paintball because I love the flecktarn pattern and they seem extremely durable. I wasnt disappointed. I've used them for most of the summer and they have held up great. Even in the heat and humidity they did well. Very breathable for such heavy pants. The knee pads are great and substantially less bulky than wearing any of the other tactical stand alone pads i've tried. One warning.... They seem to run big. I usually wear XLL US style bdu pants so thats what I ordered for these. I'm a 40x34 and these pants are very large around the waist and in the inseam. I had to shorten them about 3 inches and a belt is plenty to take up the slack. A great purchase!!! - Submitted by Bryan Mann

I live and work in the Scottish Highlands, managing a small estate and doing a lot of shooting, fishing, land management and generally larking about, usually with a lot of dogs. These trousers are excellent and the huge cargo pockets with tie-down straps are ideal for carrying all my stuff. The double trouser bottoms are also great for keeping ticks out. - Submitted by Alan Booth

Simply put - Awesome pants. mostly waterproof and cant be penetrated by the likes of nettles or thorns, knee pads can take alot of rough use. the are made for comfort and clean easy. I bought these as part of my team colours for airsoft and they work great as mid level armour and decent camo. - Submitted by Garreth Doyle
I bought a pair of these in 2006 and they are still going strong, easily the best value trousers I have and well worth the money. The knee pads are more than enough for airsoft and the cordura around the knees and backside are a great idea. The pockets are huge and surprisingly comfortable when full of assorted tat. Because of the generous waist sizes, I'd recomment a pair of braces to go with them. They still look like they have another 3-5 years life left in them. - Submitted by Dan

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