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German Army Moisture Wicking Desert TShirt

The German Army moisture wicking desert tshirt is an item developed for the German Army operations in Afghanistan. Designed to be worn as a base layer, or on its own, its 68% cotton content ensures comfort while the 32% polyamid aids in wicking moisture away from the body and enabling it to dry quickly under the circumstances. The polyamid fibres help retain their rounded shape even when under pressure from other clothing layers, ensuring good ventilation and helping to keep the shirt cool. The tshirt front has the appearance of a normal tshirt knit weave, but the underside which sits next to the body is in a modified 'honeycomb' weave which takes advantage of the fibre's natural ventilation and moisture wicking properties to make the shirt cooler in hot climates. The shirt's crew neck is reinforced and double stitched. Shoulder seams and body length are triple stitched with a low profile seamless stitch with stretchable nylon thread for comfort. Hems and arms are double stitched for durability and finished appearance. The front of the shirt has two short velcro patches for attachment of velcro rank insignia without the need for large patches which would impede ventilation and moisture evaporation. The arms each have the German nationality insignia as the shirt may be worn on its own without the fatigue field shirt on top. Longer skirt ensures less riding during active wearing, reducing the likelihood that the back may become exposed or that fabric will bunch up at the back under webbing or armour. Desert brown colour fits in well with both desert and woodland uniforms. Top quality, German Army specification shirt, NSN 8420123732116

Available options are: S , M , L , XL .

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A close up view of the reinforced neck and the velcro on the front. This is deliberately not continuous so as not to impede ventilation or moisture evaporation.

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Close up view of the nationality insignia on the arms. This allows the shirt to be worn on its own with the desert uniform, for the purposes of the German forces, instead of always needing to be worn as a base layer only.

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