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Flecktarn 65l Combat Rucksack

Standard issue German Army rucksack to professional soldiers. This top-loading rucksack is made from high-quality infrared resistant military cordura. The pockets on the rucksack are: two side pockets closed with an adjustable strap, main top loading compartment, map pocket on top of flap, zip up pocket accessible from above carrying handle, small velcro pocket in front of flap. The main compartment includes an integrated compression bag closed with a drawstring at both top and bottom. There is an aluminium rod through the top of the rucksack for stability over the shoulders and an internal pocket for the insertion of a German folding kip mat which provides stability for the back of the rucksack. The lower back has a sewn-in section of padding. Bottom of rucksack also zips open to allow for easy access to items located at the bottom of the main compartment of the rucksack, and can be used as a 'false-bottom' compartment in its own right for the carrying of items required for easy access. Rucksack opening and size is adjustable by means of four fastex clips; two which are designed to close the top-down flap, and two which are designed to compress or re-inforce the bottom of the rucksack. Shoulder straps are padded for comfort and are adjustable from hip to lower portion of shoulder strap, but also over the shoulder. Tensioning the upper adjustment allows the rucksack to be worn higher on the back, pushing the load ino a better carrying position instead of stressing the upper back only. An adjustable strap is provided around the hips which is opened with a fastex clip. This issue rucksack is used by soldiers on deployment and combines many practical features into one package which is convenient and comfortable.

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large image no1

View of the rear side of the rucksack, showing the shoulder straps and their adjusment, carrying handle and velcro name tape space. The waist straps are also shown.

large image no2

A closer view of the zip pocket in the top flap.

large image no3

Side profile of the rucksack, showing the side pocket.

large image no4

Top view of the rucksack, showing the top pocket, and the two integral straps which can be extended to take a rolled-up sleeping bag.

large image no5

A view of the rucksack from the front showing the upper and lower flaps unzipped or unbuckled from the body. The body has an integrated compression sack top and bottom, both of which close with drawstrings.

large image no6

Top-down view of the rucksack, showing the internal pocket on the rear for insertion of a German folding kip mat.

large image no7
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What our customers say about this product:

This backpack is one of the best I have ever used and I take mine on every trip. It isn't the fanciest, and doesn't have all the features of really big trekking backpacks that I have had but it carries enough for three or four days and I've thrown it into the back of the van in plain sight or checked it in on on airplanes without a thought. It is tough and easy to clean up. To get the best out of it, you have to get a folding kip mat to put into the back which stiffens the back right up and does take away some capacity, but then you have something which is really comfortable to carry for a good long while. The extra pockets on the top lid are excellently well placed to organise documents securely (especially the concealed zip faces towards your back when you wear it). I use it more frequently than my other pack and it is well worth the money. - Submitted by Boris

I bought this bag over 6 months ago and it is still going strong. I did a 60 mile hike in the duration of three days and it packed everything I needed. Despite it being used, and you can sort of tell its been used, it still looks ace and it will last you a lifetime. As for the camouflage, it works and it seriously does blend in to woodland, grass and mud as I use the camouflage for airsoft. - Submitted by the condemers millions

I love this pack. I got one last year. This pack is perfect in every way. Worth the cash. If your're into German Flecktarn then you need this pack in your kit to go with the other German gear sold on the site. I go out into the woods and the backpack blends in even in the fall. What I love about this backpack is all the areas you can put stuff in, lots and lots of room in my German backpack. I hold a ton of gear and ammo and it is a very strong pack and easy on the back when packed full. There is an area to hold the German hydration pack too. - Submitted by Chris, of the Californian Army

A medium sized, simply designed bag, made from 1000d military cordura nylon (infra-red reflective) rot proof stitching ( thankfully free of the "fashionable" over-stitching & added panels found on big brand named packs these days which may look pretty but boy! do they leak) YKK zips, waterproof lining throughout (please note, NO rucksack is 100% waterproof in heavy rain). This is a no frills rucksack designed for carrying a soldier's extra equipement when out on manoeuvres etc. The simplest way possible. An interior sleeve allows the army kip mat to slide in & provide both padding & support.( I have used a normal roll mat, folded & it works fine). This is not a hiking or expedition pack per say, so lacks many features of a modern hi-tec bag (no real back system, limited attachment points, no waist belt etc.) but it is a tough, user friendly pack, comfortable if not over charged & more importantly a bag you can rely on in any circumstance. Also it has a unique feature in that it has been equiped to carry a bulky sleeping bag on top, which of course liberates a lot of space inside the rucksack. I would like to add that it makes an excellent bushcraft bag. I have several rucksacks, but if I were going somewhere "testing" ie; far from everything, this is the bag I would take, as I know it will get me there & back without a hitch. - Submitted by Gary

Excellent little pack. Most of the important stuff has already been said, but I would like to add that the zip at the bottom is a brilliant feature. No more unpacking the whole thing to get at the heavy stuff you had to put at the bottom, just turn it upside down and open it like that. But, for the love of god, dont walk or stand in front of someone with a sense of humour. Words cant describe the feeling when someone gets it undone and all your carefully packed gear comes tumbling out... - Submitted by Ducky

This bag is well made and designed to work with a German load bearing harness when worn also‚?"pack rides above the belt line which was what I was looking for. Well designed but not overly fussy with additional straps, pouches, etc. Seems like just the right blend. Order the KIP mat (in fact order two - both should fit in the internal sleeve and add support). This item had to cross the Atlantic and I received it as fast as any item from a domestic source. - Submitted by Jon M.

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