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Flecktarn General Purpose Pouch

German Army issue general purpose pouch or buttpack for storage of personal items on the webbing, such as rations, mess tins, eating utensils, spare ammunition, spare jacket and other useful field items. Large size of approximately 30cmx25cmx12cm allows storage of most field items. Features two loops on top which are independently fastened and adjusted for the quick storage of a rolled-up Goretex jacket or other extra clothing or can be used to shrink the size of the pouch. Pouch is closed with two 25mm quick release buckles which are fully adjustable and has two German webbing LKS plates on rear. Can be worn as a small haversack if attached to the top panel on the German LKS shoulder harness.

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Rear of pouch, showing the LKS plate rivetted to rear. These are spaced apart to be able to fit onto the LKS shoulder harness plate on upper back. A loop of 25mm webbing with press stud corresponds to the horizontal strap below the LKS plate on the shoulder harnesss to enable the pouch to be fitted more securely.

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