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Italian Temperate Vegetato Boonie Hat

The Italian temperate vegetato boonie hat is made from 65% poly, 35% cotton blend, ripstop, and cut in the US army pattern. It has a wide 3 inch brim which is stitched all round and stiffened internally. The top of the hat is single layered to enable easier breathing and the sides are lined. Ventilation holes are provided on right and left of the hat. The outside of the sweatband is fitted with a ring of nylon fabric, sewn down at 1 3/4 inch intervals to allow for the insertion and looping of camouflage material. The hat is fitted with a nylon chinstrap on an adjustable rubber slider to adjust for size. The hat is designed to match with the Italian vegetato temperate ACU cut uniforms also offered by Miltec. The vegetato camouflage has been shown to be particularly effective for both dry, temperate environments and semi-desert environments found around the Mediterranean. Also very effective for autumn temperate environments and woodland environments due to the amount of brownish leaf litter. The hat is made by Miltec and sizes are: M (57-58), L (59-60) and XL (61-62)

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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Profiled side view of the hat showing how it would appear in the rear and also a quick view of the chinstrap and adjustable rubber slider.

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