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British MTP Osprey Mk4 Collar and Deltoid Panels

The British forces issue MTP deltoid protector and collar set for the Osprey Mk4 Armour Carrying vest comes with a paired set of brassard like arm covers with separate, button on, back of shoulder protector panels and a two-piece collar attachment. The deltoid set consists of four pieces, all of which open up to accept soft armour. Soft armour is not included, and the price is only for the covers. The main arm pieces velcro into the vest shoulders, and the bottom hem has a velcro strap for the cover to be strapped around the bicep. The separate shoulder piece links the shoulder and upper back into the deltoid and arm protector. The collar is looped into the vest on the rear only. The set is made in IRR Milspec Cordura, printed in MTP. A detachable UK flag is located on the right shoulder and a small pocket is located on the left shoulder. The inside of the arm pieces is faced with deep channel moisture wicking lining.

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