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Olive Bulle MOLLE KABP Kit and Ammo Belt Pack

The Bulle MOLLE Kit and Ammo Belt Pack is designed to offer a compact, low profile method of carrying a small amount of supplies on the back or sides of the waist. It can be worn when mounted onto an existing duty belt up to 80cm wide. The belt pack has two horizontal pouches, each of which will hold 3 M4 or 5.56 magazines and can be closed with both silenceable velcro and an adjustable quick release buckle. The top of each pocket is additionally provided with an elastic shock cord and adjustable toggle to help bind contents into place. MOLLE webbing is provided on the rest of the body of the belt pack to allow for a variety of small utility pouches, such as field dressing, rifle cleaning kt, extra ammunition or small radio and GPS pouches to be fitted as required. The belt pack is in the shape of a tube which is closed at either end with a zipper. This can hold survival essentials and clothing accessories such as paracord, a lightweight rain jacket, spare hats and gloves or camouflage kit. When worn, the belt pack occupies only a portion of the waist area, whether on the front, back or sides to allow for easier movement where required. For snipers, its low profile allows a ghillie top to be worn over the assembly without disrupting the camouflage effect. The kit and ammo belt pack can also be strung on a shoulder strap or sling and used as a grab bag. The pouch is made of 1000D Cordura and all plastic furniture is made by Duraflex for military applications. Price is for one belt pack only. Accessories, additional pouches and belts shown in pictures are for illustration purposes and are not included in the price.

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large image no1

Angled view of left side of KABP.

large image no2

Angled view of right side of KABP. MOLLE webbing is provided towards the front of the KABP for attaching an extra magazine pouch or small utility pouch.

large image no3

Detailed view of the right hand side pocket opened. This shows the silencable velcro and the elastic shock cord with toggle that adjusts to bind contents down.

large image no4

Detailed view of some of the types of magazines that can fit into the pockets.

large image no5

A view of the KABP with a woodland shirt partly rolled and stuffed into the tube. The roll can be used for carrying a poncho, lightweight jacket, spare rope or string and other supplies.

large image no6

The rear of the KABP, shown here with a Bulle duty belt threaded through. If this is worn on its own, a pair of straps from the Bulle tactical shoulder harness can also be threaded through the duty belt, helping to hold the KABP in place on the back or on the side of the body. Please note, duty belt is not included with the KABP.

large image no7

The duty belt, closed, with KABP on the back. Please note, the duty belt is not included with the KABP.

large image no8

A closer view of the KABP from the rear, as mounted on a duty belt. Three MOLLE webbing straps are also provided on the rear to take a variety of different kinds of pouch. Please note, belt is not included with the KABP.

large image no9

A close-up view of one possible use for the MOLLE straps towards the front of each pocket. This is a frag grenade pouch. Frag grenade pouch and duty belt sold separately.

large image no10
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What our customers say about this product:

While on assignement in the UK I had a chance to purchase various magazine pouches from Flectarn and continue to be very impressed with the design and quality. I saw this product on the website and had a pair shipped to the States. I find the construction to be of excellent quality. The belt is perfectly suited for my purpose of keeping 6 spare 30 round AR magazines in the boot of my car. I have added pouches that hold 2 Glock magazines and a spare GPS. The belt is a unique and useful. I would not be without it. - Submitted by James Webb I've been using this for airsoft for a while. I get two Steyr Aug mags in each pouch and have added dump mag pouch & spare battery pouch. It slides around on the belt (I use Brit PLCE belt) a lot but could be tied into place if needed. This has become my first choice ammo carrying solution because it's very light and low profile. Definitely recommended to have one for the days you don't feel like wearing a vest or plce. - Submitted by EMacA, Ireland

A clever and unique bit of kit which has alot of potential! However worn on the back of your belt with 3 x SA80 mags in each pouch it is anything but descrete! It does allow for addition pouches to be added ie grenade pouches, multi tool, binos etc which is handy. Personally i think as already mentioned its ideal as an "emergency grab bag" left in a vehicle or where ever you like, basically a "gucci" ready to use ammo bandolier! If the design was scaled down to actually fit a standard belt (maybe designed to take 2 standard 5.56mm x 30 mags / 3 x 9mm x 30 mags in each pouch) then it would be a far more useful piece of kit allowing for covert/ low profile uses. Again a smaller version to allow for the carrying of just 9mm pistol mags would make it very appealing to a number of people! In summary a large, medium and small version of this kit would be amazing with many great uses!! :-) - Submitted by Dave B I bought this along with other bulle gear, (Bulle MOLLE Light Chest Rig, Bulle dump pouch) and was dissapointed with the thin material used on the main pockets and the fact it bunches up when you wear it without weaving between the loops on the rig and trouser belt loops. bulle gear is great but i wish this item was the same quality as the rest of the range. i dont regret buying it but i wish it was a bit better thought through. - Submitted by Ian T, West sussex After abuse and trauma the pockets and main belt fabric has suffered no damage. Also by use of a webbing strap I have stopped the item bunching. It would be nice, in future, to see this item with some form of retention device. I would therefore like to retract my previous statement and give credit to Bulle for managing to save me money due to using a slightly thinner material and maintaining the quality standards I have come to expect from the rest of the Bulle range. - Submitted by Ian T

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