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Olive Bulle MOLLE Open Shingle 5.56 Mag Pouch

The Bulle MOLLE shingle or open single 5.56 magazine pouch is a stackable pouch designed specifically for the standard NATO 5.56 magazine. This is the magazine used in the M16, M4, SA80, HK416 and other rifles. The pouch operates by retaining the most of the length of the magazine inside a fully enclosed body which is closed off at the top with an elastic shock cord. A finger tab is sewn around the elastic shock cord at the top so that the elastic can be easily and silently removed from its natural position over the top of the magazine to the side which enables easy drawing of the magazine. Two MOLLE webbing straps for mounting the pouch are sewn into the rear of the pouch and these button down onto the body of the pouch. The major advantage of this type of pouch is that is is low profile, and it takes up only as much space as the article it is holding on the MOLLE base. MOLLE cross webbing straps are provided on the front of the pouch so that the next pouch can be stacked up in front, and two to three pouches may be stacked up in this way with ease. This magazine pouch is ideal for urban and FIBUA situations because of its highly modular nature, both in terms of where it may be located on the body, and in terms of adjusting the balance between ammunition carriage, and weight and body profile. Internally strengthened with 50mm cordura webbing strap. Made of 1000 Denier texturised Cordura. Price is for ONE pouch. Any accessories shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the pouch.

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Rear of pouch showing the elastic shock cord. This can be substituted for a longer cord easily, if a longer magazine is to be fitted inside the pouch.

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