British PLCE Belt Loop with Yoke Adapter

The British forces issue PLCE belt loop with adapter point for yoke is a stand alone component based on the straps found on the rear of PLCE ammo and utility pouches. It consists of a single 25mm wide olive Cordura strap, formed to make a belt loop wide enough for a 2in tactical belt, S95 work belt or PLCE belt by looping one side over the other. This is held in place with velcro and two press studs. The top of the loop has the original issue coated slider found on PLCE pouches for attaching the yoke to the system. To prevent sliding around of the belt, the loop also encompasses a T-bar that is used to slide into the loops found inside the PLCE belt and fixes it in position on the belt. The belt loop provides an alternative point for the yoke to fix onto the belt, separate of any ammo pouches or utility pouches. This makes the PLCE system more modular, as it is possible to substitute other pouches in place and still have the yoke and belt fix to each other properly. Genuine British issue. A small utility to make standard issue PLCE yoke and belt system far more adaptable to needs of cadets, outdoor enthusiasts and other purposes. 2005 issue, marked Loop, Strap, Fastener, OD, IRR (Universal) R/H or L/H, 2005, NSN 8465-99-978-5369

large image no1

The loop opened up to show the T-bar, velcro and label.

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