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Tan Bulle MOLLE Plate Carrier with Cummerbund

The Bulle US plate carrier with cummerbund is a medium-level armour vest with plenty of MOLLE space for carrying loads on the front, rear and sides. The plate carrier does not have to be used with the cummerbund, and can be put over a soft armour vest as a quick way of adding ceramic plate capability to existing armour when required. The plate carrier adjusts for both height on each shoulder and width on either side, and the velcro-down cummerbund also has plenty of adjustment space to allow for body size. The plate carrier can be made to transport both 10x12 inch plates and soft armour if required. The rear of the plate carrier is fitted with a large carry handle with velcro for a name tape, and the handle is re-inforced all the way down the vest for strength. The front of the plate carrier is also provided with velcro on the upper chest, allowing name tapes, nationality and blood patches to be displayed. The cummerbund may be taken off and worn separately, and has internal velcro pockets for the insertion of smaller ceramic plates to protect the side of the body, if required. It is also provided with MOLLE for carrying loads on the side of the body. The plate carrier is made of 100D Cordura nylon, with Duraflex brand buckles and plastic furniture. All MOLLE and seams are double or triple stitched for strength, and double bar tacks secure the shoulder straps to the front of the vest. The plate carrier adds versatility to your armour or MOLLE package and is the top choice for a compromise between a skeletal load carrying system and armour carrying capability in high-speed situations requiring a lower, or variable, profile.

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View of rear of plate carrier

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What our customers say about this product:

Tough and reliable vest, sits comfortably above waist level, giving good room for a blast belt or similar without hindrance to such.Vest has enough PALS all round to accommodate user pouch preference. Good vest all round, with strong stitching were needed, Highly comendable for those wanting CIRAS type versatility in a smaller package. - Submitted by Ian BRAMS Bramble Very good Quality , bought with some pouches also from Flecktarn makes a great MOLLE Loadout, Affordable, comfortable and lightweigh, what more could you ask for? As always great serivce from Flecktarn, 100% Reccomend. - Submitted by Ash Newbury

To me this is the perfect compromise of encumbrance and MOLLE capacity over physical size of any of the plate carriers from Bulle. I have owned two of these and only sold the first one as I chose ACU as a pattern (now out of fashion). I regretted selling it as it was so practical and fitted me so well. Now with a more neutral CB version I can see this lasting years and years of Airsofting delight. I would even use this over surplus plate carriers as its harder to find issued versions in my size (small). - Submitted by Andy (Quinch) Prior
Very well made and comfortable. Fantastic quality stitching on all the MOLLE Webbing. Great service as well, Will be ordering from here again in the future! - Submitted by Ging

A reliable vest, very comfortable... A little confusing to adjust when I first got it but thats probably just me as its my first plate carrier of this sort. Highly recommend it for airsoft however wouldn't recomend it to someone of a military profession as it's difficult to get on and off. Sits nice and high up on the body so easy to move with it in a vehicle. One thing that was annoying is that to get it on you have to lift the front panel to loosen the side and pull it over your head so you can't cross the molle loops over on the front (for those of you with double mag pouches you will need single ones) As soon as I got it I put the Bulle hydration pouch on it and it fits like a gem, all my warrior molle sits perfect with it aswell... Very comfortable to wear and overall a great product. Its perfect for airsoft and if your small and skinny like me it acts just like a RICAS compact and fits nicely. Thanks again Flecktarn you have once again done yourselves proud! :) - Submitted by Chris

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