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.50 Beowulf Inert Round FMJ Flat Round Nose

The 50 Beowulf has a cult following a one of the largest calibre rounds to be fired out of the AR-15 rifle platform. The round was designed in 2001 by Bill Alexander, and it is used to provide high stopping power at up to around 100 metres. Its tactical advantage was in destroying material like engine blocks, breaching doors, and as a hunting round, it is used as a sporting or defensive round against large predator animals. The casing is rebated at the base, which gives in a distinctive silhouette with a base about the same diameter as an AK47 round, but a case diameter to match the 50 calibre. The snub nose head is typically betwen 300 grains and 400 grains. Ballistically, it is similar to 45-70 Government, but utilitises the advantages of the AR-15 platform with detachable magazine, self loading automatic firing capability and users' general familiarity with the AR-15 design. Price is for ONE round only. Rounds may only ship with courier.

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large image no1

The base of the casings, all marked Alex-A for Alexander Arms.

large image no2

The size of the round compared to a coin.

large image no3

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