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.300 AAC Blackout Inert Rounds FMJ Head

The .300 AAC Blackout cartridge is a calibre designed by Advanced Armament Corporation to utilise a .30 calibre bullet head in a similarly sized package to the 5.56 Nato cartridge. This allows the cartridge to fit into AR magazines designed for the 5.56 round. The .300 Blackout was designed to have similar hitting power to the Soviet 7.62x39 which is excellent for short to medium range, but would be easily chambered in standard Armalite platforms. Additionally, performs well as a subsonic round, so sound suppression is effective and reliable. The .300 Blackout is highly popular with many US firearms manufacturers and a large proliferation of rifles is available commercially. It is in use with many Special Forces units which require good hitting power as well as silent operation. The price is for ONE inert cartridge. The ammo consists of a brass case, indented primer and copper jacketed head, and there is no propellant or ignition present. Inert ammunition may not be sent outside the UK by Royal Mail and must travel by courier such as DHL or UPS.

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