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Black German Police Heavyweight Over Trousers Large

The black German Police heavyweight over trousers are strong twill trousers originally worn as part of a suit that was integrated with body armour, according to the Nato stock number classification. These are purpose designed for wear over standard trousers and feature long lower leg zips and an elongated crutch with wide fit to enable them to be be drawn over trousers easily. Zips are placed both on the inseam and the outseam so the trousers can be drawn on over boots. The ankle of the trousers has an elastic drawstring which can held drawn tight with a thumb operated toggle. Other features of the trousers include large hip pockets and two very large 25in x 30in leg cargo pockets and two seat pockets on the rear. All pockets close with a zipper. The trousers have a button waist and zip fly, and the waist band is fitted with belt loops. Additionally, the waist band has elastic which can be drawn tighter as required and fastened with velcro. The trouser knees are reinforced with a layer of rubberised fabric. Ideal for wearing at the range where an extra knee layer is desirable to protect against small gravel or for work in a workshop environment. Trousers are in used, repaired condition. Size Large, measuring 40 inches on the waist and 29 inches on the inseam.

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large image no1

Left side view of the trousers, showing the zipped pockets.

large image no2

Rear view of the trousers with the waist elastic pulled tight. The seat pockets can be seen.

large image no3

View of the right side of the trousers.

large image no4

A view of the lower leg of the trousrs, showing the zipper on the outseam and the gathered ankle hem.

large image no5

A view of the trousers with the inseam zipper zipped open.

large image no6

large image no7
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