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Black Fleece Watch Cap

An one size fits all fleece cap to keep the cold from biting on the head. The military style fleece cap is seamless and is made of comfort-stretch arctic fleece material which is lightweight and warm. The fleece material will not retain water or collect sweat, but will dry quickly if wet. The fleece watch cap is designed as a replacement for the old style wool watch cap which does tend to become heavy when wet and retains the water in the fibres. The watch cap was designed for wear under a steel or kevlar helmet to provide a quick warm layer against the head. Can be worn on its own as a super low profile head warmer for all outdoor activities.

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The fleece cap is of a seamless construction. The panels of fabric are sewn down with an expanding stitch which mates the ends of the fabric together, rather than overlapping them and forming a ridge of fabric. This makes the cap more comfortable to wear and eliminates the building up of hot spots and pressure points. The fleece cap is suitable for wearing under a helmet or other headwear as a result.

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It's surprising just how many men, whether they have hair or, like me, are bald who still walk outdoors during the winter months with their heads exposed to the cold weather. Don't they know just how much body heat is lost through their head? My old acrylic type beanies are way past their best now so I bought this fleece watch cap (beanie) as a replacement for them. For 4.95 how can I go wrong? Well here's how, I only bought one! Should have bought more in my order. - Submitted by Robert D

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