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... Radio/Comms pouch: In flecktarn, designed to hold mobile radio and telephony of a similar size to typical PMR446 radio sets. Made of durable foam padded cordura material which is elasticated at the sides to prevent slipping of ...Tell me More...
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... Flecktarn field dressing and accessory pouch is designed to fit in with the German webbing system and offer a dedicated package for small field essential items. Shown in the picture with a German issue field dressing (not ...Tell me More...
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... New and unissued German Army issue magazine pouch for three UZI or MP2 magazines. The pouch has a stiffened back, but remains flexible in the front. The pouch is not internally divided, and the magazines simply stack side by ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine German Army issue pouch for the German Draeger gas mask and filters, with fittings for both shoulder strap carry or web belt carry. The pouch is a large 27cm tall, 27cm wide and 15cm deep, tapering at the top behind a ...Tell me More...
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... Military issue large general purpose pouch for storage of rations, mess tins, eating utensils, useful field items. Large size of approximately 30cmx25cmx12cm allows storage of most field items. Features two loops on top which ...Tell me More...
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... Military issue G36 magazine pouch with carrying capacity for one G36 magazine or smaller. Also useful for carrying 2 MP5 magazines side by side. Made of internally rubberised cordura material treated with IRR coating. ...Tell me More...
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... G36 Magazine Pouch: In flecktarn, with olive green interior. Each mag pouch can hold 2 or 3 magazines or a speedloader in the shape of a magazine. Semi-rigid construction. Made of the same type of material as the pouches in the ...Tell me More...
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... P8 Magazine Pouch: In flecktarn, designed to go onto either the web belt or onto a trouser belt. Holds one medium sized automatic magazine, such as USP, Sig, Beretta military and 8000/8045, Glock series in a velvet lined ...Tell me More...
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... In flecktarn, with olive green interior. Each mag pouch can hold 3 MP5 curved type magazines. Each magazine has its own compartment and individual opener making the loss of other mags virtually a thing of the past! Made of the ...Tell me More...
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... G3 Magazine Pouch: In flecktarn, with olive green internal dividers, lined to cut down rattling. Semi-rigid construction. Each mag pouch can hold two magazines. Made of the same type of material as the pouches in the base kit, ...Tell me More...
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... Hand Grenade Pouch for 3 Grenades: In desert flecktarn, designed to take 3 standard grenades, left hand side. Attaches to shoulder harness with three separate compartments for each grenade. Can hold KWC BB holding grenades and ...Tell me More...
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