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Flecktarn G3 Mag Pouch

G3 Magazine Pouch: In flecktarn, with olive green internal dividers, lined to cut down rattling. Semi-rigid construction. Each mag pouch can hold two magazines. Made of the same type of material as the pouches in the base kit, rubberised internally with rivet holes on bottom for drainage. Closed with sturdy and secure rapid-opening fasteners which eliminate the chance of losses from this excellent pouch. In addition to G3 mags, the pouch will also hold M16 mags, Steyr AUG mags and other magazines of similar shape and size. Picture shows an airsoft G3 magazine modelling next to the pouch for size comparison. These are unissued surplus and some may have some distortion in the shape of the dividers which is easily corrected by removal of dividers or storage of correctly sized contents. Pouch size is 15cm tall, 8cm wide and 6.5cm deep. Ex-contract material with NSN stamp 8465-12-327-9245

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large image no1

Angled view of the pouch from the bottom, showing the depth of the pouch and two rivet holes for drainage.

large image no2

Side angled view of the pouch showing the depth and the detail of the top flap covering the pouch entirely from the top.

large image no3

Rear view of the pouch showing rivetted adapter plate on rear.

large image no4

Top angled view of the pouch showing two magazines fitting inside.

large image no5

Top angled view without magazines, showing detail of the dividers and velveteen lining.

large image no6

Side view of pouch.

large image no7
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What our customers say about this product:

The best thing about this pouch is that the G3 magazines are a perfect fit. You don't have to worry about jamming some G3 mags into pouches designed for M4 mags with this pouch. The inside has a velvety lining for each of the two compartments which surprisingly doesn't muck up too much even when I put a wet mag covered with leaves and other crap inside. It helps to keep the mags quiet when I'm running or ducking. The mag pouch is a little bit on the tall side for airsoft mags, but that is because they were designed to fit the real deal. It helps to put the pouches a little bit more to the sides rather than on the front because they are supposed to hold their shape, and you sometimes feel the pouches sticking out if you are on the ground, but I've never had a problem with the pouches coming out permanently crushed and unusable because I've been lying on them. The opening system is really good and reliable, but if your pouch is several years old and the cloth has gone a bit soft, they can open up on you by mistake. The fix is to get a new one, which considering mine lasted about five years before I needed to do this is pretty good value. I would love it if there was a MOLLE version of this and the G36 pouches too, but tbh the German webbing is very modular and sometimes old school is best. - Submitted by G3 Fan

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