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German Army LKS Flecktarn Gas Mask Pouch

Genuine German Army issue pouch for the German Draeger gas mask and filters, with fittings for both shoulder strap carry or web belt carry. The pouch is a large 27cm tall, 27cm wide and 15cm deep, tapering at the top behind a fold-over top. The pouch lid is rolled over and secured with a rubber strap running into a plastic pin. This is to isolate the pouch contents from dirt, dust or water during casual carry, but to enable quick opening and retrieval of contents under emergency conditions. The inside of the pouch is PU coated and all seams taped over and coated a second time. A small pocket is fixed to the back of the pouch for carrying a thin document or card. It also provides reinforcement for the attached LKS plates which are rivetted to the rear. Each pouch is able to fix to the German LKS webbing system with the plates, but is also provided with a detachable shoulder strap if the pouch is to be carried separately. A hook velcro strip is located on one side for attachment of name tapes or other insignia. Strong, milspec Cordura materials make the pouch ideal for use as a kit bag, spare parts bag, emergency tool kit or similar uses.

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large image no1

The front of the pouch.

large image no2

The rear of the pouch, showing the LKS plates and the shoulder strap fixed in place.

large image no3

The pouch shown slightly open.

large image no4
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