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British Army Peltor H61FA Foldaway Ear Defenders

Genuine British Army issue Peltor H61FA folding ear defenders for small arms training. The ear defenders are in Nato olive green and are mounted on a quality stainless steel sprung headband which helps to keep the ear pieces firmly in place during shooting and working activity. The ear defenders will adjust to head size with a pull-to-fit system left and right. When not in use, the ear pieces should be retracted fully and can fold into the headband for easy transportation. The ear pieces are hard-cased, with easy to clean cushioned vinyl next to the skin. The foam cushioning seals around the ear to prevent leaking of sound into the ear piece cavity. The Peltor H1FA ear defenders are ex-British Army surplus and we cannot guarantee their protection level as a result. NSN 4240-99-773-1232.

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large image no1

The ear defenders in an open position, ready to be worn.

large image no2

The ear defenders can be made to stretch over a wide area, to fit many head sizes.

large image no3

A closer view of the markings on the side of the issue ear defenders.

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What our customers say about this product:

Ideal for blocking out environmental noises in the everyday practical use. A simple innovative design and inexpensive. Natural contour shape, appealing looks when worn. I use mine at the home computer during long periods of activity, effectively blocking the hazardous noise emitted by the fans. Can be used for many applications, serenity, meditation and tranquility. - Submitted by Sericeus

Very useful for an array of combat situations, tactical colours mean they can be attached to webbing / patrol packs etc. can be adjusted to fit all head sizes big or small and are very effective for blocking out excess noise such as rifle fire on the ranges or snoring in barracks. - Submitted by George Sobota

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