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German 4 Piece Cutlery Set

German army knife, fork and spoon set with tin opener. In used condition. Set fits together for convenient packing and has no sharp edges to stick out or snag on other equipment. Made of hygeinic stainless steel.

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large image no1

View of cutlery set packed together.

large image no2

Another view of the parts of the set unpacked.

large image no3
FLBUT1UXUsed9.95Qty Out of stock

What our customers say about this product:

This set is FAR superior to any civilian sets of a similar design! When not roughing it and only using a spoon I keep a set in my lunch bag at all times for locations where cutlery doesnt exsist! Includes a bottle opener and can opener which have come in handy a few times! Tough kit which will give years of service! Locks nicely together and does not rattle!!:-) - Submitted by Dave B

I'm an American and I have to say this is a brilliant piece of kit. Very well made and functional. For example the spoon is large compared with a civilian spoon, so I can eat faster which is a plus for we (us?) Yanks. Further, the knife actually works, and the can opener is very handy and works easily.
This may sound odd, but also of interest is the history. One of the pieces is dated 1962 - the height of the Cold War; another is dated 1982 - several years before the Wall fell.
Can't go wrong with this... I too keep this in my briefcase for lunch when utensils aren't available. (After all we're not savages - we don't eat with our hands!)
Greetings from the Colonies! Best, Daniel - Submitted by Lt. Dan

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