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German Flecktarn Issue Field Parka

German army parka (field jacket) in flecktarn. Ideally suited to go over the basic shirt/trousers uniform as an extra layer for night time, spring, autumn and winter. Made of heavyweight poly-cotton material, similar to the material of the trousers. Features a longer skirt, drawstring waist and hem, integral hood with drawstring. Also has two chest pockets (button down), rank tabs, arm pocket and two zip-up slash pockets on waist. Discreet left and right underarm openings can also be zipped open or closed depending on weather. Opens centrally with zip and button. Can be worn on its own, over a uniform or with a parka liner. Sizes 36 in chest (Gr1), Size 39in chest (Gr 12), Size 40in chest (Gr 8).

Available options are: 36 , 39 , 40 .

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large image no1

Rear view of the parka, with the hood raised.

large image no2

Detail of arm pocket. Note the German flags at the top of the shoulder.

large image no3

Detail of zip up slash pockets at waist.

large image no4

Detail of rank tab, side of hood, showing drawstring and partial view of button and zip central opening. Also shown is the velcro name tape patch.

large image no5

View of chest area of parka, showing the two expandable pockets and the central button and zip opening.

large image no6

Detail of hood, showing its shape as pulled over the head. The drawstring and toggle system is also shown.

large image no7

Detail of underarm opening, zipped open.

large image no8

View of head and shoulders from the rear.

large image no9
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What our customers say about this product:

Great bit of kit, bought as an alternative to British DPM when I am out hunting. A highly comfortable, easy to wear, silent jacket with loads of useful pockets! A bit of black nasty over the yellow and red German flags resolves the need of cutting off the badges if you are wanting to be extra stealthy! If your looking for a change then this jacket should be at the top of your list!! - Submitted by Dave B

Top quality item. Bought mine for just general wear. I have read problems on other sites RE the sizing of the coat but have had no problem with mine. I'm just over a 42 inch chest and about five nine tall, and opted for the 44R. It fits a dream and has enough room under for a jumper should it be needed, which to be honest won't be that often unless it's freezing, or the optional liner. I was a bit dubious about buying online rather than visiting a shop as unable to look at the quality, but didn't need to worry.The jacket is in top quality with no tears, marks etc that you might expect as being used... This is more or less the cheapest I could find this jacket, so if you're looking to get one, buy from here. Only slight complaint is that I couldnt track the item like the e mail said due to the type of postage used. That could though be a Royal Mail fault, and to be honest not a major issue. Totally chuffed with mine and would recommend to anyone. - Submitted by Si B

This combined with the liner, is the warmest ensemble of clothing I own! The camouflage works brilliantly in the temperate climate and foliage of the Antipodes, as well. Far better than the standard US M-65 Field Coat, of which I am a long-time fan. I got mine in unused condition from a US site, at a time when they weren't available here. Very happy with the quality of workmanship of the garment. - Submitted by Ranj

Fantastic quality. Flecktarn camoflage excellent for the British countryside. Lots of pockets for hunting accessories. & extremely versatile. The material is hardwearing & very comfortable, good for allround use whether it be hunting or going down to the range. Would reccommend the liner to go with it for extra warmth. Submitted by Jordan E

I got mine elsewere, but it is an excellent piece of kit for hunting/airsofting. I usually wear mine in the middle of autumn and winter. It is very warm and comfortable and if it gets too warm I just open the vents under the arms. The only bad points are that there is no string on the back to roll the hood away like on the DPM windproof smock, and the strings to adjust its height and waist are not elasticated. But a very good jacket and hard wearing. Recommended. - Submitted by RICH W

Bought the jacket a couple of days ago, just as a casual jacket. Fits great and looks like it will be a trusty jacket for autumn.
Jacket ordered on time and without fuss - Delivery 5/5
As said before, jacket's great. Flecktarn pattern's distinctive, fit is good, lots of spatious pockets - 5/5
As for the state of the jacket, I found some strange lip-balm thing (I have no idea what it is) stuck to the insides of the right pocket. With a little effort I was able to scrape the plastic casing off the lining - it had stuck like chewing gum. Not a big problem as it can't be seen by anyone but I feel it's important to mention. One tiny hole in the jacket hood too. Quality - 4/5
Great looking jacket, good delivery, but be aware these jackets are not brand new, there may be some goodies lurking in the jacket for you! - Submitted by Joe E

Jacket was in brilliant condition when it arrived, no smell (unlike other sellers of military gears jackets) Definitely would recommend. - Submitted by Leech

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