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Inert 25 06 Remington Jacketed Soft Point Round

First developed in 1912 as an experimental wildcat cartridge from the parent Springfield 30-06 round, the 25-06 round is the same length, but is necked down to accept a .257 bullet and popularised in 1969 by Remington. The small diameter .257 bullet has a flatter trajectory, and the large size of the 30-06 case allows a relatively high muzzle energy without the heavy recoil of a larger bulelt. The round is prized as a long range medium game deer and antelope hunting round, especially over open ground. The round is fitted with a .257 hunting jacketed soft point head. Rounds are fully inert and do not have explosive content. Price is for ONE round only. Rounds may only ship with courier.

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A sampling of head stamps. Please note that we are unable to guarantee specific headstamps for delivery.

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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