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.270 Winchester Soft Point Inert Round

The .270 Winchester round was born out of improvements to the Springfield 30-06 military cartridge when shooters and hunters experimented a smaller bullet to increase velocity and reduce the ballistic curve of the 30-06 cartridge. The result was a round that was released for use in Winchester's Model 54 rifle in 1925. The smaller diameter of the 270 bullet was unique and distinguished the new calibre from other common sizes, such as 7mm/.284 or .308, even though the rounds were designed and used for roughly similar shooting, such as hunting medium to large game. The .270 Winchester and 30-06 are similar in overall length and diameter, so they can fit the same size actions, but the .270's niche was that its trajectory is flatter over distances gerater than 300 yards and the recoil is approximately 36% less than the 30-06, which was known to cause flinching in some cases. The lighter .270 round was also more useful for use in mountainous terrain where being able to shoot in less stable positions than standard prone position was likely to occur. The .270 Winchester round is fitted with a copper jacketed, soft point bullet. Price is for ONE round only. Rounds may only travel by courier.

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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