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.222 Remington Varmint Soft Point Inert Round

The triple-two or .222 Remington round was developed for varmint or small game hunting and released with Remington's 722 rifle in 1950. It was a successful round with lighter recoil and less wear on barrels, leading to quick adoption for varminting and high-accuracy benchrest target shooting, but its effective range was relatively short compared to the existing .220 Swifth and .22-250 Remington rounds. The .222 Remington is more famous as the precursor to the .223 Remington and, subsequently, the military 5.56x45 NATO round which took the .222 round, increased the length of the casing and reduced the length of the neck, resulting in a round with enough power to meet US Continental Army Command standards for use with the M-16 rifle. The .222 Remington round largely became obsolete after the commercialisation of the .223 Remington and military production of the 5.56x45 NATO round, but it still occupies a niche in countries where hunting with military calibres or military-compatible calibres is not permitted. Sako, Tikka and Sauer manufactured rifles in 5.7x43 keep this calibre commercially available for European hunters. The round is tipped with a semi-jacketed game, or varminting, soft point head. Price is for ONE round only. Rounds must be shipped with courier.

Extras available for this dummy round:

An new and unindented brass cup to fit into the primer pocket to give the appearance of a new, unfired round: Small Dummy Primer
Removal of the deactivated, inert primer from the round, leaving a hole or holes in the base that can be inspected to prove the round is inert and free from explosives: Depriming of Round

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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