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German Flecktarn Issue Field Shirt

Combat Shirt: Original German military combat shirt in medium weight poly-cotton twill. Flecktarn colour, two epaulettes, two breast pockets, velcro cuff closures, push button front. Machine washable. On some of the new shirts, German nationality flags may not have been supplied as standard and we have no control over this.

Available options are: 36S , 36R , 38S , 38R , 38L , 39S , 39R , 39L , 40S , 40R , 40L , 42S .

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large image no1

View of the whole shirt from the front.

large image no2

View of the left side of shirt showing breast pocket and sleeve cuff. Insignia is also displayed but does not come with shirt.

large image no3

Close up of shoulder, collar area.

large image no4

Close up of arm pocket, with space for pens and sundry items, push button closure and German flag insignia.

large image no5

Close up of one breast pocket. The shirt has a left and right breast pocket.

large image no6
FLCCS1USUsed9.95Qty Out of stock

What our customers say about this product:

This is a great product. As far as I'm concerned, it's just as good as a new shirt. There are no tears or rips, and there's virtually no fading. The zipper along with the snaps work well. I'd recommend this shirt to anyone who can't afford to pay for a new shirt. - Submitted by Kipp Brewer

I didn't get mine from here, but it is an excellent shirt for summer and spring hunting. I sometimes wear a t-shirt underneath when it's a little bit cold, but when it's in the middle of summer I just wear the shirt. The only bad points are that there are the German flags on the side so I covered them in brown marker pen as it saves damaging it. And the other thing is the sleeves were too long, so I just rolled them up. But a very good shirt altogether. - Submitted by RICH . W

Superb little jacket, had it for four years now, along with the Gore-Tex suit, you just cannot beat them, as mentioned before the snaps and zipper combo is very welcome, they looks smart, why are you still reading, buy one! - Submitted by Jay

I actually got mine elsewhere but it is great, hard wearing and works great around autumn time. Mine has two large buttons on the right side of the left pocket. Can any one tell me what they are for? - Submitted by Taz

Fantastic shirt. Looks smart but not too smart, and is very comfortable to wear open or closed. The inside pocket is just the right size for a wallet, and the arm pocket is perfect for a mobile phone. If you're worried about the German flags, they can be easily taken off in 5-10 minutes with a pair of nail scissors and you can hardly tell they were there, the same goes for the velcro strip above the chest pocket. Fits great, very highly recommended. - Submitted by Ducky

Described as a shirt but is actually substantial eneough to wear as a thin / summer field jacket over trousers. As supplied by Flecktarn.co.uk as used I have not seen any signs of wear on the shirt I got so would describe as "as new" quality at a great price. Poppers on buttons and front are excellent. The shirt also has a zip closure hidden underneath the front flap. The material is so soft and comfortable to wear against the skin but, depending on what size you get, there is plenty of space underneath the shirt to wear a moisture wicking T-Shirt. A nice touch from the company is that they sent an e-mail of my order as it was being packed for posting with an attached photograph of all items. - Submitted by Frank O'Deorain

I bought one of these from another source as surplus and it is great! I use it for camping and it is very durable and comfortable as well! All the pockets are great and the arm pocket is perfect for a small utility knife. A highly recommended buy! - Submitted by Chad Kenmore

@ Taz - Sounds familiar to me. The old olive moleskin jackets had this buttons by default. The use was to attach the issue 3 color light lamp to it. When new flecktarn uniform was issued in the mid 90's these buttons were gone, thats why some soldiers simply modified one of the three issued jackets by sewing on butons on the left in the old ashioned way to attack said hand lamp. - Submitted by Ulanthorn

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