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7.5x55 Swiss K31 Inert Round FMJ Head

Inert cartridge in 7.5x55 calibre, as used in the Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31 rifle. The inert round has a fired brass cartridge case with fired primer and a FMJ bullet head seated at the correct length for the chamber. The Swiss carbine K31 was the standard issue rifle from 1933 until 1958 and featured a signature straight pull action instead of the usual bolt action of other rifles of the period. This enabled faster cycling under fire as the action automatically opened the action and ejected the spent case in the opening cycle and closing the bolt automatically readied the firing pin, chambered the cartridge and locked the action in one move. The Swiss K31 rifles are renowned for their accuracy and the innovative action which reduces the amount of movement required which could result in the shooter being out of position for the next shot. The K31 rifle had a detachable box magazine to hold 6 rounds but was usually reloaded using cardboard and tin stripper clips. These are great for displaying and and we do not recommend attempting to put any inert rounds into any firearms. Please note that the price is for ONE round only. Shipments outside mainland UK only possible by UPS courier.

Extras available for this dummy round:

An new and unindented brass cup to fit into the primer pocket to give the appearance of a new, unfired round: Large Dummy Primer
Removal of the deactivated, inert primer from the round, leaving a hole or holes in the base that can be inspected to prove the round is inert and free from explosives: Depriming of Round

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